Security Patrol


To contact the Security Patrol, please call 253-838-0464 and press 3 at any time or their direct line is: 253-838-5568 (You can text them too if you prefer)

**If you are reporting a crime in progress or a life threatening emergency, please call 911**


To protect the integrity of our operation, we do not advertise our operating hours.  Typically, We have have 16-20 hours of Security Patrol coverage a day.  Occasionally, due to HOA events, times of the year, and crime trends, we will alter the hours of operation to better serve our HOA.


TLHOA Patrol Officers remain busy throughout the day with conducting preventive patrols to deter criminal activity, responding to homeowners’ calls for service, providing vacation checks for vacationing homeowners, patrolling our parks, house rule enforcement, and other related duties for our association.


It is important to report all crimes or incidents right away.   The Police Department and TLHOA Security Patrol are here to help and assist you.  If incidents don’t get reported, then no one knows what is going on.   Please remember, the Security Patrol has NO law enforcement authority and are considered a third party in crime reporting.    “If you see something, say something.”  Lets watch out for one another.


This is an information sharing website, where crime and other incidents within the HOA are posted.  This is a very successful tool when used.  TLHOA Security Patrol regularly shares information.  In addition, the Police Department also posts crime alerts and important community information.  We currently have about 688 TLHOA residents signed up.  We would like to get more homeowners signed up and involved.  If you need information or assistance with signing up, contact the TLHOA Security-Patrol for assistance.

** Click for:  Safe City Sign Up **


TLHOA Security Patrol provides vacation checks for homeowners.  If you are going out of town and need your residence checked, contact the Security Patrol to arrange this. You can also complete the vacation check form on our HOA website. (This form will be electronically sent to the Security Patrol)

** Click for:  TLHOA Vacation Notification **

Our security-patrol staff go the extra step to ensure your residence is safe and secure while you are away. Many homeowners have found out the benefits of this service and the security-patrol staff has received multiple commendations for their efforts.


TLHOA Speed Watch program was launched to help try and slow traffic down in the HOA. Problematic locations were identified and the Security Patrol Staff spent some time in these locations with their speed measuring device and reader board.   Typically we conduct Speed Watch during the spring and summer months at random dates, times, and locations within the HOA.

TLHOA Security-Patrol works closely with the Federal Way Police Department with having their SPEED trailer deployed in the HOA when it is available.  Speed bumps are a work in progress.


TLHOA Security-Patrol Officers have completed this training provided by the City of Federal Way. We are currently looking for homeowners who have also completed this training over the years. We would like to establish an emergency contact list and facilitate quarterly meetings. Please contact the Security Patrol Chairperson or Supervisor.  If you would like information on the CERT program contact our Security Patrol for information.


FIRST AID KIT :  Need a bandage, gloves, antiseptic wipes, or tweezers?  The TLHOA Security Patrol vehicle has a well-stocked first aid kit on board.

BATTERY JUMP PACK :  TLHOA Security-Patrol vehicle is equipped with a portable jump pack.  This jump pack can be used to jump car batteries and inflate flat tires.  If you are ever in situation where you need the jump pack, give them a call.

GRAFFITI REMOVAL KIT :  If you see graffiti anywhere in the HOA, let the Security Patrol know about it.  TLHOA Security Patrol vehicle is equipped with a graffiti removal kit.  Patrol Officers can quickly clean up the graffiti without delay.

VEHICLE LOCK OUT KIT :  If you are locked out of your vehicle and can’t wait for AAA or a tow service, contact our Security Patrol.  Out Patrol Staff has a vehicle friendly lockout kit to assist you.