Actually, there are 3 lakes in our HOA. 

The two lakes comprising Twin Lakes are Lake Lorene and Lake Jeane, which are private lakes located on the Joe’s Creek watershed. Lake Lorene is managed by the Homeowners Association (HOA), and Lake Jeane is managed by the Twin Lakes Golf & Country Club. The HOA also owns Ponce de Leon, which is a stormwater detention facility that drains into Lakota Creek…

Update 10/14/15

Lorene – We have probably come to the end of the Algae growing season. This past summer we were able to preclude the onset of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins by 3 applications of algaecides and the application of the zero valent iron. We will put our heads together and come up with next years plan, hopefully preventing some of the filamentous algae we had plus improving water clarity.

Nothing new to report from the City of Federal Way in their investigation into the source of the phosphorus contamination source in Joe’s Creek.

Ponce – Maintenance was conducted and the lake has refilled.

Gary Darcey