This is a general list. For more detailed information, check out Chapter 2 in “Rules, Regulations and Policies” under the Documents/Governing tabs on  the home page of this web site.

  • The general appearance of your home should be neat and free of trash & clutter. Tools, garden supplies, building materials, waste cans and firewood should be out of sight from the fronting street, lake or golf course.
  • Lawns should be kept mowed and edged, free of weeds and significant moss with no bare spots. Areas that need re-seeding will be noted.
  • Planting areas should be free of weeds. Shrubs should be trimmed to prevent overgrowth.
  • Tree stumps should be cut down to ground level.
  • Driveways, walkways, and sidewalks should be free of moss & weeds/grass growing in cracks. Don’t allow needles and leaves to accumulate.
  • Fences should be in good repair and not leaning. If previously painted or stained, it should be maintained that way. No significant moss or mold should be visible.
  • Decks & porches should be in good repair, free of moss, leaves and needles. If previously painted or stained, they should be maintained that way.
  • Mailboxes posts should be firmly set and vertical, mailboxes should be in good condition without rust, moss or mold. If previously painted, it should be maintained that way
  • Inside window coverings (blinds, drapes, curtains) should be kept in a reasonable condition as to not bring attention.
  • Driveways should not have large cracks, crumbling concrete or have displaced (one inch) sections. If the driveway appears to need replacing, it will be noted.
  • Exterior home, trim and garage doors should have paint that is in good condition, not peeling, flaking or significantly faded. No significant moss is visible. This includes any authorized outbuildings such as a garden shed.
  • Home and shed exteriors should be free of rotted material.
  • The facing of gutters should be clean and free of debris or mold/moss.
  • Roofs should be free of significant moss, needles and leaves. If the roof appears to need replacing, it will be noted.
  • Sidewalks should be free of obstructions such as tree limbs and overgrown hedges & shrubs.
  • If structures, attachments or fences appear to be unauthorized, they will be noted.
  • Vehicles in disrepair &/or deterioration (rust) will be noted.