Many current residents have been able to ignore the standards established by the initial developers and further amplified by the HOA boards in the past. The HOA has always had standards, problem was they were seldom or not uniformly enforced. There are also current residents that formerly lived in detached housing where they were free to express themselves with flowers, pink flamingos and lawn jockeys. Some folks feel the further need for personalized fences, trellises, decks, light fixtures, security doors, security bars, awnings and other structural modifications. The ways owners are driven to “customize” their homes are limitless.

The HOA has responsibility to maintain the common grounds while homeowners have the same responsibility when it comes to individual home exteriors. To accomplish that objective, standards have been established (see information under the “standards” tab on this web site). These standards are designed to protect everyone’s property values.

Most if not all Homeowners Associations have appearance standards, and in truth, only a lawsuit can stop someone determined to violate them. Since most neighbors dislike conformation, appearance standards are usually not strictly enforced, opening doors to things such as RV’s parked alongside the house, tarps over “classic” cars, weed filled planting areas, and eye wincing paint colors. Thus there is a need for standards and enforcement.