Esthetics – FAQ’s

  1. Do annual reviews start at the same time every year?

Yes.  Reviews begin on May 1st of each year.

  1. What do I do if I don’t agree with a violation letter I receive?

If you feel that you have received a violation letter in error, please call the Association office and ask for a Board member to review your property.

  1. I received a violation letter and my neighbor has the same problem. He says that he did not receive a letter.  Why did I receive a letter and my neighbor didn’t?

Don’t be so sure that your neighbor didn’t receive a letter.  The Board/esthetic volunteers do not discuss homeowner violations with any other person but the homeowner, so the office cannot tell you if your neighbor was sent a violation letter.

  1. If I’m going to paint my house the exact same colors as before, why do I have to fill out an ACC form?

Filing out an ACC form for home painting saves a homeowner from C.C.&R enforcement in the future.  Many times the Association has had a homeowner paint with colors that are not harmonious with its neighbors, only to be issued a stop-work order that necessitated repainting. A filed ACC form can show that a homeowner was approved for the colors that were used.

  1. My neighbor’s home is a mess. How do I get the Association to take action?

Homeowners are encouraged to fill out a “complaint” form on our website outlining the concerns they have on a neighbor’s property.  An esthetics’ volunteer or a Board member will respond to you and look into the complaint.

  1. I received a violation letter stating that I needed to replace my driveway and paint my house. I can’t afford to do both in one year.  What can I do?

Communication is the rule here!  Homeowners need to email or write the office stating the circumstances as to why both violations cannot be corrected during the stated time frame.  The Board wants to work with homeowners and understands that repairs can be costly.

  1. My neighbor’s tree is blocking my view (sunshine, dropping leaves in my yard, etc.), how can I get the Association to handle this?

Sorry, the Association cannot involve itself in this matter. This is between neighbors and needs to be resolved between the two parties.

  1. I didn’t correct the violations outlined in the letters I received and now I’m being fined $50.00 per day and the threat of a potential lien. Can the Association legally do this?

Yes. The HOA Act allows for homeowner’s associations to fine homeowners who do not correct violations within the indicated time frame.  A homeowner receives several letters before the fining process begins and a lien is placed on the property.  Ignoring the C.C.&Rs and Rules and Regulations can be very costly in the long run, as well as decreasing the value of the property and those of neighboring homes.

  1. I live on the golf course and received a violation letter for the backside of my house. If you can’t see the violations from the street, how can I receive a write up unless someone went on my property?

Volunteers observe the golf course side of homes by using a golf cart or, if the complaint has come from a neighbor, reviewing from the neighbor’s home, with permission. Homes on Lake Lorene or Ponce are reviewed by volunteers using permissible water craft.

  1. My neighbor has political signs on his property all year round. What is the HOA policy on signage?

Please check out our Rules and Regulations on Signage.  It clearly states what signs are allowed and the length of time they are permitted to be placed on homeowner property.