Our Board

Name, Title, Term Expiration, Area of Responsibility

Patrick Pomeroy, President, Term Expires 2020  (Chairs Lakes, Contracts, & Esthetics Committees)

Mike Kelly, Vice President, Term Expires 2018  (Chairs Parks, CC&R’S, Emergency Preparedness, Community Events, Homeowner Relations, & Nomination Committees)
Photo of Mike Kelly

Kevin Houck, Secretary, Term Expires 2019 (Chairs Parks, Technology, Community Events, & Nomination Committees)

Bob Butler, Treasurer – Term Expires 2018

Kari Edwards, Director, Term Expires 2018  (Chairs In- house Security, Office Oversight, & Homeowner relations Committees)

Josh Haglan, Director, Term Expires 2020 (Chairs the Legal Action, In-house Security, Opportunity to be heard, & Office Oversight Committees)

Steve Hatch, Director, Term Expires 2020 (Chairs Legal Action, Technology, CC&R’S, & Emergency Preparedness Committees)

Tim Walls, Director, Term Expires 2018  (Chairs Lakes, Contracts, & Esthetics Committees)