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Here you can opt in to receive text messages related to the following :

Security:  Safety, incidents & dangerous animals

Security:  Be on the lookout for (BOLO) for vehicles or people

Security:  Pets Lost and Found

Your subscription and use of this service indicates that you as the subscriber agree to the following terms of usage:
  • I Authorize the Twin Lakes Homeowners Association to send text messages to my cellular device.
  • I understand that my carrier may charge me a fee for these services, and any fees incurred are my own responsibility. 
  • I understand that I should not rely on data received from this service to make personal safety decisions.
  • I agree to not hold the the Association liable for errors, omissions or other damages that may be encountered as a result of my use of this service.
  • The use of this service is restricted to Twin Lakes residents and homeowners. 
  • Registrations that contain inaccurate or incomplete information may be removed without notice.

Click one of the links below to register to receive text notifications relevant to your area of Twin Lakes:

If you live NORTH of SW 320th St, click HERE

If you live SOUTH of SW 320th St, Click HERE

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