Be a Board Member

The governing document that outlines the process for Board nominations are in the bylaws of the Association.  Specifically that section states:

“Section 1. Nomination. Nomination for election to the Board of Trustees shall be made by a Nominating Committee. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chairman, who shall be a member of the Board of Trustees, and two or more members of the Association. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees prior to each annual meeting of the members, to serve from the close of such annual meeting. The Nominating Committee shall make as many nominations for election to the Board of Trustees as it shall in its discretion determine, but not less than the number of vacancies that are to be filled. Such nominations may be made from among members or non-members.”

If you are interested in joining the TLHOA Board of Trustees, applications are always being accepted. Please complete this Board member applicationattach a short resume about yourself and send to the TLHOA office. 

You will be contacted to attend an informal meeting with the TLHOA nominating committee. This 3 person meeting is made up of one Board member and two homeowners from the community.

If Board member opportunities become available between Annual meetings, the homeowner most recommended by the nominating committee will be offered the position. If no opportunities become available, you will be placed on the ballot for the vote at the Annual meeting.