Meet the New Board Members

Due to 2 recent Trustee resignations, a call was made for homeowners that would consider being a member of the Board.  Mike McLeod, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank graciously responded to the call.

According to the By-Laws of the Twin Lakes Homeowners Association, “In the event of resignation of a Trustee, his successor shall be selected by the remaining members of the Board and shall serve for the un-expired term of his predecessor.”  Both the nominating committee and the remaining members of the Board met with these three homeowners and after deliberation, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank were selected to serve as Board members.  Mike Holmes will fill Sandy Duvall’s term and will serve until September 2019.  Jerry Burbank will fill Kari Edward’s term and will serve until September 2018. (The 3rd respondent, Mike McLeod, will be recognized as a candidate at the next Annual Meeting if he is willing to run at that time.)

The Twin Lakes Homeowners Association wishes to thank Sandy Duvall, Kari Edwards, Mike McLeod, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank for for their willingness to serve the community.

Annual Meeting and Election Held

The Twin Lakes Homeowners Association held its 2017 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at the Ballroom of the Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club.  208 homes were represented at the meeting. (96 in-person and 112 via proxy)  Of these 112 proxies, 56 were given to the Board of Directors, and it was decided that these 56 proxies would only be used to meet the quorum requirements, they would not be used to provide votes to any candidate. Votes would only be counted from those cast by homeowners present, and from the other 56 proxies that were given to specific homeowners that were present at the meeting.

It was also announced at the meeting that due to his personal work schedule,  Mr. Kerry Kozuki had submitted his resignation from the Board.  This added a 4th open position on the Board of Directors to be filled.

During the election process, along with the 4 known candidates; Ardith Butler, Josh Haglan, Patrick Pomeroy and Steve Hatch, two other homeowners were nominated from the floor at the meeting: Tim Walls and Bob Hill and these 2 gentlemen became write-in candidates.

The votes were cast and the following results were as follows:

  • Josh Haglan – 125 votes*
  • Steve Hatch – 81 votes*
  • Tim Walls – 79 votes*
  • Patrick Pomeroy – 76 votes*
  • Bob Hill – 53 votes
  • Ardith Butler – 38 votes
  • Bob Wooley – 3 write-in votes
  • Mike Holmes – 1 write-in vote
  • Robert Rawlings – 1 write-in vote

*The four candidates receiving the largest number of votes were elected as Board members.

The election of officers shall take place at the first meeting of the Board of Trustees following each annual meeting of the members. (Which is currently scheduled for September 20, 2017)

The Association thanks all that participated in the 2017 Annual Meeting.