The Results Are In

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The Annual Member’s Meeting of the Twin Lakes Homeowner’s Association took place on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM. The quorum was met by 56 homeowners attending the meeting in-person, and 184 homeowners represented by absentee ballots. These 240 homeowners constitutes 17.6% representation. (At least 10% is required to achieve quorum) When the votes were tallied, the count was as follows:

  • Tim Walls 145 votes
  • Nancy Albasini 135 votes
  • Cally Huston 128 votes
  • Bob Butler 118 votes
  • Bonnie West-Armstrong 88 votes
  • Gerry Wieder 59 votes (Note: Gerry decided to withdraw his candidacy prior to the election)

The (3) candidates with the most votes were elected to serve as Trustees for a 3-year term: Tim Walls, Nancy Albasini and Cally Huston. They will join the other 6 trustees at the Board meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 19th. Officers for the 2018/2019 term will be selected at this meeting.

As always, all homeowners are invited to attend this Board of Trustee’s meeting, which will be held at the HOA office located at 3420 SW 320th St in Federal Way, WA.

Thank you to Board Members Bob Butler and Jerry Burbank for their service at the expiration of their terms.