Important Update for Annual Meeting / Election

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Dear TLHOA Members,

The TLHOA Election Committee has been informed by Gerry Wieder that after careful consideration he has decided to withdraw his candidacy for the Twin Lakes HOA Board of Trustees. In the interest of transparency we feel it is best to inform as many voters as possible of this development as quickly as possible. Of course, all Members who appear at the Annual meeting will be notified as well.

The election is obviously too far underway to take an action such as sending out and receiving a new mailed ballots, however, there are two options for those who have already returned their ballot and wish to change their votes based on this development:

1) You are welcome to come to the HOA office and fill out a new ballot until 5:00 PM, Tuesday, September 11th. Your old ballot will be destroyed in your presence. The HOA office address is 3420 SW 320th St., Suite B-3.

2) You may revoke your absentee ballot by appearing at the Annual Meeting on September 12th, 7:00 PM and voting in person. Please arrive early for check-in.

Despite this unforeseen event we want to reassure you that we still have five excellent candidates to choose from and that this year’s election will continue to be executed as openly and as fairly as possible.

If you have any questions please contact Office Manager Steven Adams at 253-838-0464.

Sincerely, TLHOA Election Committee