Final Call for Trustee Candidates

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This year’s annual meeting is scheduled for September 12th. As per our by-laws, three of our nine current Trustee positions are open for election.

Historically it has been difficult to find candidate applicants, and this year is no exception. In moving forward, the Election Committee strongly believes that a larger candidate pool for voters to choose from is in the best interest of the Association. We want to re-emphasize that running for the Board is now a very simple, straightforward, and open process.  Filling out an application does not require you to run if you choose not to, so why not attend an informational presentation and see if being a Trustee is right for you?

Applications can be acquired in the following ways:

1) Pick up an application at the Association office.  (Click here for a map).

2) Ask our Community Manager Steven Adams for an application at (253) 838-0464 or email him at

3) Click HERE to download an application.  Any questions about the process  will gladly be addressed by our Community Manager.

The Annual Meeting is approaching rapidly – in order to interview candidates and prepare election materials we need you to submit your applications as soon as possible.


Twin Lakes Homeowners Association

Election Committee