TLHOA 2017 Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Friends and neighbors,

We are doing a Thanksgiving Food Drive in our HOA this year with all donated foods going to the Multi Service Center (MSC)  in Federal Way.   You can drop off your donated items at our HOA Office, or if you have items and would like us to pick up, please contact Steven Adams, our Community Manager at 253-250-3747 and we’ll have our Security Officers come by and pick them up. Our deadline for getting our donated items to the MSC is by Friday, November 17. They will be distributing food baskets on November 20, 21, and 22.  

The MSC has provided us with the following suggested list of items for the holiday meal:

Cranberry Sauce         Sweet Potatoes
Yams                           Evaporated Milk
Pie Filling                     Cake Mix
Pie Crust                      Olives
Cooking Oil                 Gravy Mix
Stuffing                        Canned Fruit
Canned Veggies          Canned Hams
Soup                            Pudding cups

If you would like to donate a frozen turkey, they have asked for turkeys that weigh 10-12 lbs.

You can take your donated turkey directly to the MSC Food Bank located at 1200 S. 336th St, Federal Way, or we will pick them up and deliver to the MSC.

Let’s all pitch in and help make a family’s Thanksgiving meal a nice one. Thank you for your help and generosity.