Goose Safety Tips

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There have been two reports of Canadian Geese being aggressive and flying towards the heads of fellow HOA neighbors.  On the heels of these, we wanted to take a moment of your time to remind everyone to be safe and alert when sharing space with these birds.  Canadian Geese are generally most aggressive during nesting season, and as that season is coming to an end, we should see fewer issues.  However, if needed, here are a few tips to keep in mind should this happen to you:

  • Stare down your attacker. They will learn from your body language that you are a threat. Canada geese have excellent vision and will be able to perceive where you are looking and how you are reacting to them. Do not close or squint your eyes. Do not turn your back.
  • Slowly back away. Don’t turn your back, or stop looking at the goose. Using your peripheral vision be aware of obstacles in your pathways.
  • Do not act hostile, remain neutral in your demeanor. Do not hit, kick or swing at the goose. This will only agitate them more, and may even bring the female off her nest to support her spouse in the attack. If you remain neutral, you are less of a threat.
  • If the goose flies towards your face, duck or move away at a 90 degree angle to the direction of the flight still facing the attacking goose.goose