The 2015 Esthetics Review Starting Soon

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Twin Lakes Homeowners Association, like most Homeowners Associations, has the responsibility to maintain the common grounds while homeowners have the same responsibility when it comes to individual home exteriors and yards. To accomplish that objective, standards have been established which are designed to protect everyone’s property values and to keep Twin Lakes an attractive and desirable place to live.

Our yards are the most visible aspect of our community’s appearance. Poorly maintained yards have the potential to significantly detract from a neighborhood’s livability and perceived value.  The Esthetics Committee has already begun discussions regarding the upcoming esthetics review. This group of volunteers will have their checklist in hand and begin reviews on May 1st.

Please remember, this is a huge project (1356 homes) for this diverse group of volunteers and they will not always see the same things nor will they interpret the checklist in the same way. They not only review the street side appearance but also from the golf course and the lake side as well.  If they see something out of compliance, it will be noted. If you receive a letter and you don’t agree, understand the issue, or there is a reason you can’t comply with the completion date, PLEASE contact the HOA office.

We are striving for better consistency when homes are reviewed for violations. All divisions will be held to the same high standard. Those homes not in compliance with our Rules and Regulations will be notified in a timely manner with appropriate follow-ups.   For those who are not compliant and do not contact the HOA office, the HOA will follow the established remedial actions detailed in our Rules & Regulations.  All this is to ensure every neighborhood reflects an overall positive appearance.  We hope that every one of the homeowners represented by the HOA will take appropriate action to make our neighborhood a desirable place to live.


  1. Moss is really bad this year.  It’s evident in most lawns, on roofs, fences, mailboxes & driveways.  Costco, Home Depot  and Lowe’s all have a nice selection of moss killer and other gardening materials. Did you know that if you pour cheap vinegar on the cracks in your sidewalk on a sunny day, the weeds will be dead the next day?
  2. The HOA will soon have a pressure washer you can borrow.  Keep an eye on for info.
  3. If you are unsure of our HOA Community Appearance standards, please check out our website at,  review chapter 2 of the HOA “Rules, Regulations and Policiesor stop by the office and Clare will be happy to help you.
  4. Each time an esthetics violation letter is sent, monies are lost from the HOA, which ultimately costs YOU money.

Click HERE to download an esthetics self-assessment form.