Meet the New Board Members

Due to 2 recent Trustee resignations, a call was made for homeowners that would consider being a member of the Board.  Mike McLeod, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank graciously responded to the call.

According to the By-Laws of the Twin Lakes Homeowners Association, “In the event of resignation of a Trustee, his successor shall be selected by the remaining members of the Board and shall serve for the un-expired term of his predecessor.”  Both the nominating committee and the remaining members of the Board met with these three homeowners and after deliberation, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank were selected to serve as Board members.  Mike Holmes will fill Sandy Duvall’s term and will serve until September 2019.  Jerry Burbank will fill Kari Edward’s term and will serve until September 2018. (The 3rd respondent, Mike McLeod, will be recognized as a candidate at the next Annual Meeting if he is willing to run at that time.)

The Twin Lakes Homeowners Association wishes to thank Sandy Duvall, Kari Edwards, Mike McLeod, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank for for their willingness to serve the community.

Calling all interested homeowners!

Would you like to have your voice heard, and assist the TLHOA board with community efforts?

We’re looking for homeowner volunteers to join the following committees.  If any of these pique your interest enough to volunteer, or ask for more information, please reach out to Steven Adams, Community Manager, with your name, contact info, and which committees you’re interested in.  You can reach Steven via email at:

  • Architectural Control Committee – reviewing architectural change requests submitted by homeowners
  • Esthetics – assisting with the review of homes in the community
  • Lakes – assisting with the management of our community’s two lakes
  • Parks – assisting with the management of our community’s three parks
  • Emergency Preparedness – assisting with building an emergency plan for the community
  • Community Events – assisting with the planning and management of community events such as the annual BBQ
  • Homeowner Relations – assisting with fostering a sense of community amongst our homeowners
  • Contract Review – specifically looking for volunteer(s) with contract law knowledge

Change to TLHOA Board Officers

Fellow Homeowners,

At the conclusion of last night’s monthly Board of Trustees meeting, I stepped down as the HOA President.  This was a difficult decision, however necessary, as the President role was consuming too much of my time.  I am proud of the hard work that has been accomplished in the last two months.  The Board is now progressing with a number of positive changes that many of you have asked for and/or recommended we consider.  I will remain on the Board of Trustees and continue to serve our HOA with the Security Patrol and other committees.

Pat Pomeroy was elected as the new HOA President.  Pat is a true professional, committed to service, and cares about our HOA.  This will be a smooth transition as Pat has been an instrumental part of the Board’s recent progress.


Joshua Haglan
Twin Lakes Homeowners Association, Board of Trustees
Chairperson of the Security Patrol Committee