Having a Sense of the Beautiful…

That is the dictionary.com definition of the term Esthetics, “having an sense of the beautiful” around us.  The Twin Lakes Homeowners Association and its Board of Directors continues to believe that one of the most important functions of a Homeowners Association is to encourage its members to maintain and improve the beauty of their yards and homes in the neighborhood.  Concerns have been raised however that improvements need to be made on how this happens.

The Board of Trustees has voted and approved a motion to enact a 90-day moratorium on the billable cost and interest charged on all ongoing Esthetics fines. During this moratorium, a complete review of the Esthetics process, procedures and application of enforcement will be undertaken. The end result of this review will be a system that is more open, fair, uniform, codified, understandable and effective. This process will also be brought into full compliance with the current Revised Code of Washington Rules, (aka the RCW’s, which are the State laws that pertain to all Homeowner Associations.)  The RCW’s state that fines shall be “reasonable”, and “explained” to the homeowner. Going forward perhaps a simple face to face visit or a personal phone call from the HOA Esthetics committee to those deemed to be not in compliance will be all that it takes to resolve most issues.

In the same way, the HOA Esthetics committee reminds homeowners that during this time-frame any homeowner with an outstanding fine on their account has the right to an Opportunity to Be Heard meeting with the Board of Trustees which can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both parties. The intent of these hearings is to meet together and see if any current fines and ongoing violations can be resolved, to the satisfaction of both parties.

We hope to “restart and reboot” the “Enhanced Esthetics Process” on May 1, 2018. However, any new violation that occurs prior to this time will be documented, the homeowner notified with the expectation that the infraction will be corrected immediately.

The Board of Directors will keep you informed of these proposed improvements as spring draws closer.

Election / Voting Reform Meetings

The Twin Lakes HOA Election Committee has met several times recently to discuss reforming the election and voting processes that are currently in the By-Laws.  This process has advanced to the point where homeowner comment and input is now needed. To do this, homeowners are encouraged to attend at least one of the two following meetings:  The first will take place on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm and will be held at the Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club. The second will take place on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 7:00 pm and will also be held at the Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club. The club address is 3583 SW 320th St in Federal Way, WA and the meetings will take place in the Garden Room. (Please note revised location.)

The purpose of these meetings is to seek TLHOA member input about proposed changes to the election and voting process. User input will be considered for inclusion into the final document. The actual vote on this matter will take place at a later date.  Contact the management office for more information.

Meet the New Board Members

Due to 2 recent Trustee resignations, a call was made for homeowners that would consider being a member of the Board.  Mike McLeod, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank graciously responded to the call.

According to the By-Laws of the Twin Lakes Homeowners Association, “In the event of resignation of a Trustee, his successor shall be selected by the remaining members of the Board and shall serve for the un-expired term of his predecessor.”  Both the nominating committee and the remaining members of the Board met with these three homeowners and after deliberation, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank were selected to serve as Board members.  Mike Holmes will fill Sandy Duvall’s term and will serve until September 2019.  Jerry Burbank will fill Kari Edward’s term and will serve until September 2018. (The 3rd respondent, Mike McLeod, will be recognized as a candidate at the next Annual Meeting if he is willing to run at that time.)

The Twin Lakes Homeowners Association wishes to thank Sandy Duvall, Kari Edwards, Mike McLeod, Mike Holmes and Jerry Burbank for for their willingness to serve the community.