Ponce-de-Leon Work Party

Your Parks Committee is organizing a work party to spread bark at Ponce-de-Leon Park on Saturday, May 2nd at 9 am.
We will meet at 9 am and work until about noon, depending on the number of volunteers. Pizza and drinks will be served. We need as many volunteers as possible as we will be spreading 35 yards of bark. Come meet your fellow HOA homeowners, get some exercise and help beautify Ponce-de-Leon park at the same time!

If you can help, please contact the HOA office at 253-838-0464

Neighbors On Watch (NOW)

TLHOA Security-Patrol is looking for volunteers to partner up with the Security-Patrol Chairperson for a new program called Neighbors On Watch (NOW)

Starting this May, on Fridays, we would like to run (NOW) 9am until 2pm.  Even if you can commit one hour, that would be great.  If successful, we would look to expand (NOW) for additional dates & hours.

Utilizing the TLHOA Security-Patrol vehicle, (NOW) volunteers would partner up with the Security-Patrol Chairperson and patrol our Twin Lakes HOA Community.

  • Create a High Visible non-confrontational presence in the HOA
  • Reduce Crime in the HOA with these (NOW) Patrols
  • Help improve the quality of life
  • Incorporate the TLHOA Speed Watch Program

If interested in participating in Neighbors On Watch (NOW), contact Josh Haglan.  joshuahaglan@yahoo.com