Homeowners & Residents,

The TLHOA Security-Patrol has responded to three incidents involving potted plants being stolen from front yards & porches of residents.

Please be vigilant and report all suspicious persons or vehicles.  If you discover plants or other property stolen, please file a police & security-patrol report.  Reports are helpful for tracking and deploying resources to prevent further thefts.

A thread in regards to this THEFT has been added to the TLHOA Safecityfw page.


thank you

Reminder: Vendor Showcase May 23 9am-11am

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Reminder: Upcoming Vendor Showcase May 23rd 9-11 am at Treasure Island Park

Twin Lakes HOA will be holding it’s 1st annual Vendor Showcase event on Saturday May 23rd from 9:00am-11:00am at Treasure Island Park.

This event will have credible vendors with a table or display to show the services they provide.

Normally our neighborhood has a no solicitation policy, but this will be a special event where quality service providers can display their business and build relationships with our residents.

We encourage our residents to attend and we will provide coffee along with a bounce house for kids.

Annual Meeting – Please participate

On 6/9/2015 at 7 pm, the Twin Lakes HOA Annual Meeting will be held at the Twin Lakes Golf & Country Club, 3583 SW 320th St, Federal Way Washington. The following is a “Cut & Paste” from an email I sent to the homeowners earlier.

You were sent a bunch of information regarding the meeting, we plan to also post it here.

Almost forgot, we are going to have door prizes if you participate.


In a few days you will be receiving a large envelope from the Twin Lakes Homeowners Association (TLHOA)  via postal mail. The reason I am writing to you is to express the importance of understanding why you are receiving this package.

All Homeowners Associations are required to conduct an annual meeting of the homeowners. The annual meeting provides an opportunity for the homeowners to interact with the Board of Trustees regarding the most important things that concern the community.

The current agenda for this year’s meeting includes the normal stuff (approval of last year’s meetings minutes, a presentation of what things went well last year along with what didn’t, our vision for the upcoming year, election of Board members, an open forum, etc) but also an important By-Law change proposal. Some of these items require voting by the homeowners.

The TLHOA By-Laws require that votes be passed by a quorum of members. A quorum (approximately 150)  is the number of homeowners who must be present at the meeting or have submitted their proxy. Without a quorum, two unhappy members could get together and make decisions that would affect the entire community.

If you can’t attend, it’s very important to submit the proxy form so that someone attending the meeting can vote on your behalf. All of the pertinent information regarding this proxy is included in the package you will receive. The proxy holder must be a member in good standing, and the proxy holder must attend the meeting in order to vote on your behalf. Proxies must be returned to the TLHOA office by June 5th. We included a self addresses stamped envelope to facilitate the return.

A change this year  door_prize

To entice our homeowners to participate in this very important event, some great door prizes will be awarded during the meeting. The list is not complete but I noticed a Seattle Mariners Jacket, a Mariners cooler, a Seahawks flag and a bunch of great Gift Cards.

Remember, you must attend or turn in your proxy (in time) to be eligible for the door prizes.

Gary Darcey, President