Today, 07-09-2015, at about 1030 hours, FWPD Patrol Officers and Detectives converged on a residence in the HOA to apprehend a Department of Corrections (DOC) escape warrant subject.  The subject fled from the residence and could not be located.

Security-Patrol Supervisor Jake MATSON , who was in the area during the initial PD call, continued to patrol the neighborhood and found the escape/wanted suspect lurking around a few blocks away.  MATSON called 911 and followed the suspect until PD returned & took him into custody.

Jake’s  actions, observations, and  quick thinking led to the apprehension of this wanted fugitive.  Another fine example of our patrol going the extra step to make our Twin Lakes Community safe.


Nice work!

High temperatures, sunny skies could aggravate algal bloom in lakes….

This was the headline in the Local News section of the Seattle Times today. I don’t mean to replicate an article in the local newspaper but not everyone subscribes to that form of media. Read the article

Point is that we all have to be aware that these unsafe conditions apply to our lakes too. The HOA has taken necessary action to prevent such a bloom in Lake Lorene this year but time will tell if those actions ensure the lake remains in a safe and usable condition. Lakeside homeowners, if conditions deteriorate to something unsafe, you will be personally notified. Homeowners that access the lake via the park, be aware of the signage. Caution and warning signs will be posted when applicable. If you would like to know more about the potential hazards…..
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Updated Events Schedule

*** The movie night in the park that was scheduled for this upcoming weekend has been rescheduled to the Fall. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused- it was intended for this to be a family event and with the solstice occurring this weekend, it has been decided it is best to reschedule this particular event.***

Event Date Time
Neighborhood Garage Sale July 24-26 All Day
Summer BBQ August 15 11am-2pm
Movie in the park August 22 7pm
Concert in the park September 4 7pm
Indoor Movie Night TBD TBD